Installs & Commissioning

Our team of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced technical experts
provide installation and commissioning services worldwide

Installs & Commissioning

Here at CBML, we have extensive experience in Installing and Commissioning a wide range of high quality Switchgear Power Systems, Circuit Breakers, Variable Speed Drives, Auto Transfer Systems, Power Factor Correction/Harmonic Filters and Power Analysis Products, including Janitza.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers are committed to delivering quality services at competitive rates.


In order to ensure operational reliability and dependability correct installation and commissioning of Switchgear is vital.

CBML engineers have several years of critical experience, plus recognised accreditation in installs and commissioning.

Our Switchgear Power Systems are fully compliant with IEC 61439-1 and -2.

All CBML, Switchgear installations are delivered on-time, within budget and in accordance with the most stringent safety considerations.

For further information, contact a member of our team today.  Tel: (01) 404 5122

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CBML engineers have extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of complex LV and MV systems.  Our in-depth technical/product knowledge enables us to provide best in class solutions to our customers’ power distribution needs.

We offer a complete service from design conception and operational planning through to full installation and commissioning.

CBML engineers can advise on selection of circuit breakers that can adequately handle the power requirements for a specific building, including type and size – too small and the circuit breaker trips unnecessarily – too big and the breaker won’t trip when it needs to, leading to circuit/equipment damage or fire.

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When installing and commissioning Variable Speed Drives, our qualified and experienced engineers pay close attention to vital issues, including supply voltage, protective devices, suitable location and environmental parameters, like moisture and humidity.

By converting incoming fixed frequency electrical supply into a variable frequency output, VSDs provide:

  • Energy Savings
  • Maximised Efficiency
  • Wide range of speed, torque and power output gives a greater degree of control

Installations are carried out with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.

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CBML installs and commissions Auto Transfer Systems to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, commercial businesses, data centres and utilities.

ATS’s are designed to detect reduction or loss of the main power supply and to switch to standby/backup power. The unit allows for safe switching from one power supply source to another.

ATS’s are important in industries where:

  • Constant electrical supply is a necessity, e.g. data centres
  • Fast and efficient switching to generator power is required
  • Generator access is difficult and manual switching is a problem

Contact one of our experts today for an obligation free quote. Tel: (01) 404 5122

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Harmonic Filters are designed to ‘regulate’ electrical harmonic distortion which can interfere with the reliability and efficiency of your electrical distribution networks.

CBML’s qualified and experienced engineers provide installation and commissioning of Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filters that will:

  • Minimise wasted energy
  • Increase the efficiency of your plant
  • Free-up more energy from the available supply
  • Save you money



Power Analysis Products:

  • Measure all facets of power consumption
  • Improve power system efficiency
  • Identify interruptions to supply, including sags, surges and other temporary conditions
  • Prevent poor power quality, that can result in damage to valuable equipment

CBML’s experts have a wealth of experience in installation and commissioning of Smart Energy and Power Quality Solutions such as Janitza Gridvis Software.

Contact us to-day for an obligation free quotation.  Tel: (01) 404 5122

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