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Air Circuit Breakers are designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from damage, due to overload or short circuits.

Overheating, misalignment, arcing, physical damage, broken/weak springs or corona (characterized by hissing, cracking, buzzing noise and purple light emissions) are some of the problems that can affect Circuit Breaker effectiveness and efficiency.

Regular maintenance will boost your Circuit-Breakers’ effectiveness, safety and life span, while avoiding costly repairs

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MCCB’s can fail for a number of reasons;  including inactivity, a burned out trip coil or because corrosion or dried lubricant has ‘frozen’ the open/close mechanism.

Failure to open can have catastrophic consequences, including personal injury, fire or equipment destruction.

To ensure a safe and reliable service, all of our technical experts are trained and qualified in all aspects of maintenance procedures.

To book a service, contact us to-day. Tel: (01) 404 5122

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Here at CBML we use Primary Injection to test the functionality of the circuit breaker itself, its trip unit and mechanism.  Secondary Injection is used to test the trip unit to ensure that it is working at different levels and in accordance with manufacturer’s design.

To ensure that your Circuit Breakers are functioning at optimum levels at all times, CBML service engineers will conduct scheduled Primary Injection Testing on your equipment, usually every five years and Secondary Injection Testing annually.

To book a test, contact a member of our team to-day. Tel: (01) 404 5122


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Electrical Failure can occur for many reasons, including loose connections, accumulated dirt and dust, exposure to moisture of live electrical components etc.

To prevent damage to key equipment and to reduce unplanned outages, electrical panels need to be adequately maintained and regularly serviced.

All CBML service engineers are trained and qualified in the specific maintenance procedures required.

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At CBML, we use Thermal Imaging to troubleshoot Switchgear and Circuit Breaker problems and for Preventative and Predictive Maintenance.

Our Thermal Imaging Inspections are:

  • Non-invasive, fast and efficient
  • No shutdown of plant or equipment required
  • Conducted by Level 2 Infrared Thermography Certified Engineers
  • Safe – due to non-contact characteristics of infrared
  • A cost effective method of delivering greater facility uptime
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Here at CBML, we offer Maintenance Contracts to suit individual industry requirements.  A contractual agreement will provide ease of mind and will save money, long-term on costly repairs.

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